Crucible / 1984 Compare and Contrast

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Comparing the ways in which the two authors express the Themes of Authority, Power, Repression and Rebellion.

The Play Crucible is a fictional re-call of events in the American history surrounding the Salem witch trials of the seventeenth century which also provide the metaphor for Miller's parable of the Mc Carthy trials of the 1950s, John Proctor's agonising struggle with guilt emphasises the restrictive nature of the Puritan society. The play explored the fate of citizens when the law of church and state was manipulated for personal gains and individuals end up having to decide, at great personal cost, where their loyalty lies. During the time of mistrust and hostility between USA and USSR, Senator Joseph McCarthy chaired a committee to rid of the Communists from the United States government and its nation. Mc Carthy alleged that the United States government departments were infiltrated by the communists and this made him start a campaign against them. During this time he accused many of the public servants including teachers and civil servants as well as more prominent personalities of having pro-communist beliefs. Miller himself was accused of this and was called before the Un-American Activities Committ

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