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Non-Lethal Weapons

            In our modern world the killing of people is viewed as morally incorrect; even the killing of criminals. Most criminals are killed by accident due to a misfire from a police officer’s gun. In order to make crime fighting more efficient and safe, police should consider spending more money on developing non-lethal weapons. With these new weapons , misfires may not result in such bad consequences.
             When a police officer accidently kills a criminal a lot of problems erupt. One major problem is the burden an officer might feel. Although some may like it, the death of a human being causes some people to feel guilt and pain, especially if it was their fault. Non-lethal weapons can eliminate these problems easily. Instead of killing the criminal, the officer will only neutralize him or her.
             Another major problem in police work is the death of innocent people. When civilians get caught in crossfire the results are fatal. An officer will not only fell guilty but they will have to deal with other problem, such as the loss of their job. Non- lethal weapons also solve this problem. When a civilian gets hit with non-lethal crossfire they may be injured, but at least they’re not dead.
             With non-lethal weapons, situations with criminals will be easier and less time consuming. Officers can draw their weapons as soon as a situation starts and can fire carelessly at the criminal. With real guns officers must take their time to ensure that a death does not result from their actions. With these weapons there will be less stand-offs between police and criminals and situations will not require so many police forces.
             Ultimately, non-lethal weapons are the beast way to go. Police can handle criminals easily with these weapons , thus allowing them to get back to protecting the people. Real guns come with to many consequences if used in the wrong way. Hopefully the future of crime fighting is with these crime fighting wonders.