Boer War

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" Identify the issues in South Africa during the period 1886-1910 and analyse how they helped shape the future of South Africa. 

The period 1886-1910 was critical in the development of South Africa. A number of key events from this period would have long-lasting ramifications on the country's development. The key issues were, the discovery of gold and the tensions between the Uitlanders and Boers that it produced, the events of the Boer war and the peace agreement, and the aftermath of the Boer war and the development of Boer authority.

Prior to the discovery of gold in Transvaal in 1886, the Boers and British lived in separate parts of South Africa. The Boers, having liberated themselves from British colonial rule after their ˜Great Trek' between 1835 and the early 1840's, lived in the north of South Africa in the states Transvaal and Orange Free State. The British were content in the south, centered at Cape Colony. However, after the discovery of gold thousands of British, or Uitlanders (Outlanders), traveled north to the Boer states. The discovery of gold had a great effect on South Africa. It increased British interest in the land, and their pressure to gain control of the lands consider

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