Derek Walcott’s use of Poetic Devices

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In the poem "A Far Cry From Africa , the author, Derek Walcott, creates the universal idea that no amount of pressure can change how a person really feels on the inside. Derek Walcott uses poetic devices such as imagery, point of view, and symbolism in order to convey the theme. This poem is about a country's struggle and a man's struggle against colonialism.

Imagery plays a large part in developing the theme for the poem. The narrator's words produce images in the reader's mind that shows the harshness of colonialism. For example, the narrator says, "Batten upon the bloodstreams of the veldt. / Corpses are scattered through a paradise.  (Lines 3 & 4) This creates the image of a beautiful country ruined from the brutality of the colonialists. Dead bodies are seen across the land because no compassion is shown toward them. The narrator then says that statistics and scholars say that colonialism is good for those being taken over. (Line 7) He questions this statement by stating, "What is that to

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