Moby Dick

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The ship Pequod in the book Moby Dick encounters many ships along its voyage. The ships leave a foreshadowing image and warnings awaiting Ahab, captain of the Pequod, if he continues his pursuit of Moby Dick. Three ships that the Pequod encounters and receives warnings from are the Albatross, the Jeroboam, and the Delight. These warnings given by these ships eventually turn out to be fatal to Captain Ahab and the Pequod.

First, the Albatross gave its warning to the Pequod in a silent manner. The Albatross was far away from home and looked as if it was in great need of repair. When Ahab says, "Ship ahoy! Have ye seen the White Whale (202), the captain of the Albatross drops his reply horn in shock into the ocean. In addition, the school of fish that was swimming around the Pequod moved to swim around the Albatross showing a sign of desertion. In addition, like most whaling ships do, the captain of one of the ships did not go over to other ship to exchange conversation and other things. By observing these occurrences, it shows that the Albatross came across Moby Dick and almost didn't mak

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