Review of Arthur Millers Death of a Salesman

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The play "Death of a Salesman , written by Arthur Miller in 1949 deals with the pressure of becoming a well “ liked, wealthy and successful personality by trying to follow the ideas of the "American Dream . The protagonist of the story is the 60ish Willy Loman being at the rough end of an undistinguished career as a salesman, and the pressures of his life are causing him to lose contact with reality. Living partly in the present (1949) and partly in the past (1928), Willy clings to fantasies of success for both himself and his sons, womanizing underachiever Happy and prodigal runaway Biff and simultaneously veils the family's hopeless financial situation. Since 36 years the small, almost fragile seeming and exhausted traveling salesman Willy Loman has been selling the products of the firm that he works for until his superior decides to

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