Technology: a boon or a bane ?

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Technology is necessary but not always a positive influence in modern life. This issue has especially come into vogue in the last decade due to the mind-boggling pace of technology. Also, this issue is a complex one because it involves a conflict between the traditional and the modern.

First, it goes without saying that technology has made our lives easier to the extent that repetitive and monotonous tasks need not be performed manually. These tasks, by their very nature, are irascible and reduce the productive potential of an individual. To give an illustration, consider the task of an accountant having to compute various statistics as a part of his job. Before the advent of computers, he had to do this job "by hand". As is obvious, the job involves tedious computations on his part. Such a job will, no doubt, lead to irritation and the person will soon lose all motivation. On the other hand, if such tiresome tasks are automated, not only will it make the accountant's job easier but it will also improve efficiency and accuracy of the job.

Coming to larger issues, technology as a whole can be classified into various groups. Some of the important ones are Information Technology, Biotechnology, Nuclear Technology, Medicine etc. I sh

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