Plato's theory of healthy personality

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Do not have your concert first and tune your instruments afterward.

Yesterday, I went to ICEF to attend the only class I had “ the class of English. I came there and when I entered the auditorium, I saw a friend of mine by the name of Irina. She looked exhausted. I asked her why she was so tired, and she told me that she had done some psychological trainings as well as fitness exercises that morning. She said she had to keep herself in a proper moral and physical condition to stand the pace of life. "Quite a reasonable purpose, especially nowadays,  I thought.

Then, after having read another pile of articles on the Intellectual History of Europe, I realized that, in fact, many people were concerned about the idea of being healthy, singularly in terms of morality, at all times. It penetrated the minds of such outstanding people as Plato. He even managed to evolve this notion into a whole theory of healthy personality, which is so significant for philosophy, because it covers the topic almost completely and has nearly unshakeable arguments to prove its theses. So, let's take a precise look at it.

According to Plato, healthy personality deals with the soul and w

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