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Persuasion: The Power of Social Pressure

The pressures of society are intense and deliberate. These pressures seem to manifest early in life, and continue to be influential in almost every aspect of our lives. As we grow from children to adults, we become submissive to these guidelines that society has placed upon us. For women, these pressures seem more intense because of the many parts we play in society.

After reading Jane Austen's novel, Persuasion, I became fascinated by the societal pressures placed on women from that time period to the present. Though much has changed since the 18th century, some ideas have remained. These ideas or pressures from society are the focus of my essay.

In Persuasion, the reader is introduced to Anne. She belongs to a family held in high regard and social standing. Anne abides by the rules of society. She does not allow her emotions to guide her actions. She is familiar with the social structure and does nothing to change it. Change seems to be the enemy of many charact

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