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Health related components of fitness related to Netball

            Health related components of fitness related to Netball.
             Quotes by AS/A-Level Anatomy & physiology.
             Body Components – This is the physiological make-up of an individual in terms of the distribution of lean body mass and body fat. On average men have less body fat than those bodies of women; approx. 15% as opposed to 25%. Somatotyping is a classification of body shape into three main categories: .
             o Endomorph – a pear-shaped body.
             o Mesomorph – a muscular shaped body.
             o Ectomorph – a lean body.
             A player in netball will have the body somatotype Mesomorph. This is good for strength endurance, speed and the ability to move with ease. This body type is important in netball to perform well, as for example, a much larger sized person; a person with a pear-shaped body wouldn’t work well because they wouldn’t have the ability to move fast enough to perform well and with ease. .
             Strength – In sport there are various types of strengths:.
             o Elastic.
             o Endurance.
             o Maximum – it is the maximum force that can exerted by a muscle or group of muscles during a single contraction.
             In netball, strength is applied mainly from the legs. It is involved is giving power when running for the ball and also when dodging your opponent. When passing, upper body strength is needed, for example, elastic strength is needed to overcome resistance with a high speed of contraction. It is the use of power from our bodies to perform a movement. Strength endurance is also needed for the performer to repeatedly perform and withstand fatigue throughout the game. These are very important for passing and lasting the match respectively. Strength is needed when a player is ‘fighting’ for the ball against their opponent. If the person has lots of strength and speed along with the willingness to get the ball, the ability to gain possession of the ball will be greater. .
             Flexibility – There are two main types of flexibility:.