Critical Thinking Article Summary and Critique

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Critical Thinking Article Summary and Critique

The purpose of critical thinking is to achieve understanding, evaluate view points, and solve problems. One can say that critical thinking is the questioning or inquiry to understand, evaluate, or resolve.

This paper will summarize the article "Critical Thinking Crucial to Global Success" by A Chaedar Alwasilah. The article examines the ineptness of the various methods and techniques of teaching language in Indonesia.

This analysis will also critique how the author dealt with the following elements: perception, assumption, emotion, language, argument, fallacy, logic, and issue problem resolution. All of these elements will demonstrate the need for critical thinking and questioning of material.

Critical Thinking Crucial to Global Success

The article examines the current language teaching methods and techniques used in Indonesian schools. The author states "that many have suggested the current language education curriculum from elem

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