Reader Response Theory - Maurice by E.M Foster

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Growing up in rural England during the nineteen sixties, I never once had the slightest idea that men could love each other in the physical sense. I knew that men and women married each other and they sometimes made the marriage last or got divorced, that was the way of the world. During the week these people socialised in the pubs and clubs where the mating game for the singles was in full flow. The married men and women congregated in groups of their own sex to talk about sport, the weather, their children and other such niceties, at least this was my perception.

Once I entered into my middle teenage years I noticed that some of the boys and girls at school never seemed to have a girlfriend respective boyfriend (it was after all the norm to have a physical relationship with a person of the opposite sex) and they often gathered together in small same sex groups of two or three. This behaviour didn't disconcert me as I was still quite happily totally unaware of physical same sex relationships. I just thought that these individuals were rather odd because they very rarely mixed or even tried to assimilate themselves into, what I considered to be, the normal life of a teenager.

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