The Word by Pablo Neruda

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" ¦perhaps it was only a ripple, drop, and yet its great cataract falls and falls.  (Neruda 570) By using active human-like and nature-like qualities, Pablo Neruda gives birth to, "The Word . He used many comparisons between language, life and blood; this was an ode to any word that has been uttered unto the world. This was very crucial to him during the changes of political power because people were being condemned for their words. He celebrated language because it could stir people act ”by writing this poem, he urged people to speak their mind, even if it meant to die for their words.

Neruda began the poem very powerfully by writing, "The word/ was born in the blood/ grew in the dark body, beating/ and flew through the lips and the mouth.  (570). Just by that stanza alone, Neruda displays his outspoken passionate for the gift of language. "The word  (570) is symbolized as being newly brought unto the world, like a newbo

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