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The film Seven was released in 1995 and was written by Andrew Kevin Walker and was directed by David Fincher. Seven is a dark, horrifying and intelligent thriller. As the movie opens, we meet veteran cop Lieutenant William Somerset played by Morgan Freeman, a meticulous veteran cop who's a poet at heart and is appalled by a world that "embraces apathy as a virtue . Burned out from 35 years on the force, he's six days from retirement when John Doe comes along. Then he meets David Mills played by Brad Pitt, an impulsive young cop whom actually asked to be transferred into Somerset's district. The two men investigate equally inventive murders involving Greed, Sloth, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Pride and Wrath. Seven takes place in an unnamed city that's rotting fast, and places the detectives in a stylised underworld.

In this paper I will assess and evaluate the clip from the movie Seven, I will place focus on the areas of Mise En Scene, lighting, Sound, Setting and technical details such as Camera angle and Camera movement. I will create arguments and will back them up with references from the movie and other related material.

At the start of the scene Nine, you see Somerset walking and getti

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