New Harmony

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Although the 1820's was a time of industrialization, hopefulness and well being, it was also a time of sociable distress. Ideas of everyone being able to flourish in life arose during this time. The Harmony Society was a good example of how the beginnings of pre-communistic societies were formed. Though New Harmony made many contributions, it failed as a society.

By 1824, a Scottish industrialist named Robert Owen had ideas of creating a social system in which each human being's needs were met through education, happiness and unity. He hoped to create a model community where educational and social equality would prosper. Through his communal system Owen believed that unity would prevail over individual interest. Everyone in the community would have a few hours of their own trade. He wanted a non-violence system in which all war and punishment were condemned.

Within a year, 1825, New Harmony had prospered. People such as William Maclure, (a wealthy, educated and also a Scotsman) joined Owen in 1825. He believ

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