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            This paper will discuss three different types of the arts during the High Renaissance period in the 1500’s. The thesis of this paper will include the works of Michelangelo’s sculpture of “David” and the paintings of the fresco, “The Last Judgment” and the works of his poetry. I have chosen Michelangelo for this essay mostly in part of his many levels of artistic means. He was a very experienced painter, sculptor and poet in which all of these are considered works of art in their own right. I will also include in this paper the artists point of view on his works including the style used in each piece and an evaluation and comparison or the works in my opinion. There will also be a section that gives an explanation of how the works fit into the context of the time period.
             It is rather easy to identify Michelangelo’s over-all point of view and style with all 3 works of art. This is due to the fact of his belief in individuality. “Michelangelo’s ideal was the full realization of individuality – a reflection of his won unique genius. He epitomized the quality of terribilita, a supreme confidence that allows a person to accept no authority but his or her own genius…His works reveal a deep understanding of philosophy. He captures the Platonic idea of potential energy, imprisoned in the earthly body, and he believed, as did Plato, that the image from the artist’s hand must spring from the idea in his or her mind. The idea is the reality, and it is revealed by the genius of the artist. The artist does not create the ideas, but finds them in the natural world, which reflect the absolute idea: beauty” (Sporre, 328). .