Textual Analysis of a legal documents

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Textual Analysis of Legal Language Document 2

The genre is of a last will and testament legal document. The audience is implied at other legal people and the family and trustees after the death of Jonathon Moores. The subject is of his last will and testament and who he bequeaths his possessions to. The purpose is to ensure that all his possessions are dealt with in the way he wanted them to be after his death.

There are several features of lexis that are typical of the style of legalese. Firstly, the archaic language, that has been used within the text. For example, the archaic preposition "hereby.  This has been used in order to avoid legal loopholes and stop ambiguity. However, it has the effect of making the text more difficult to understand, therefore requiring a shared frame of reference from other legal workers to interpret this to modern English. In addition to this, the

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