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            There are many instances in which some groups of society may test the ability to reach consensus and capture others. One specific example that comes to my mind is the war on terrorism. i seem to think that it is very much realted to the behavioral process of the dolphin.
             For example teh dolphins tend to be the most aggressive during mating season. Like we are as well during spring.otice how no wars commence in the summer or winter? Therefore the doplhins, just like us, are charged by testerone.Take a look at your own country, the home of the brave, the United States of so called America. We have a predominantly male military. All our weapons of mass destruction are shaped in elongated objects. From the bullet to the missle they seem to look like the male penis. Its as if we r sending our genitalia to bomb and destruct other cultures.Every single tactic of war has an emphasis on some form of manly hood.
             Then there is also the fact that the dolphins form an allegiance amongst eachother to attack smaller groups. thats sounds very much like NATO or the United Nations if you ask me. They ar continuosly joining their super powers to over run small powereless countries. What is also very humerous is that after the fact that the dolphins form an allegiance with one group them may very well turn on that same gropu and attack them with their previous enemies.This also sounds like some of our more prestigous diplomatic countries. How many times ahs the US allied itself with a foreign country then ended up attacking them. The US use to aid Afghanistan in the war against Russia and Osama Ben Laden use to be on the CIA's direct payroll.Now all of a sudden we have reversedthe roles from ally to enemy. Same game the dolphins play.
             All these similarities and contrasts are played through out every species in nature. Its just survival of the fittest. It is still very ironic though that you can find some of the same aggressive traits in dolphins as weel as in humans.