Lucille Ball: Before and After "I Love Lucy"

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Lucille Ball: Before and After "I Love Lucy 

Lucille Ball, known to all as Lucy, had a wide range of experience and talent that made her a big success and one of the most recognized and loved entertainers in the world (American Masters).

Born to Henry Durell and Desiree (DeDe) Ball on August 6,1911 in Jamestown, New York, was Lucille Desiree Ball. She was born in her grandmother's apartment although her parents were living in Butte, Montana just before her birth (Brady 7). When Lucy's mother was able to travel, they returned to Montana to be with her father. For almost four years she was the only child (Ball & Hoffman 3).

Lucy's parents showered her with affection. She was the center of attention and "life was a lark." Her mother dressed her in ribbons and bows, but she rebelled because she was never the prissy, doll type. Her father roughhoused with her as if she were a boy (Ball & Hoffman 3).

By the time Lucy turned three years old, her mother was tired of the forty below Montana winters and homesick for the gentle green hills of home, so the family decided to move to Wyandotte, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. Here, her father became a foreman of a telephone line crew (Ball & Hoffman 4

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