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Lessons of Jane Eyre

            During Jane Eyre?s life-long search to find happiness and independence, she experiences many changes, as do we all. Through experiences in her life, Jane learns many valuable lessons that make her smarter in the end. Also, from an early age, Jane deals with a great deal of hardships, which only make her character stronger. Finally, as the book goes on, we see Jane grow into an independent woman. .
             There are several lessons we, the reader, can learn from Charlotte Bronte?s novel. The main character, Jane Eyre, also learns many lessons from a great teacher- experience. During the novel, Jane learns that not all people are wicked, even though many of the people she encounters are just that. She learns that sometimes, it is necessary to do what will make you be happy, rather that what is right in God?s eyes. She does this when she is offered marriage from St. John and offered a job as a missionary. However, in her heart, Jane knows that she must return to Thornfield and be with Rochester. I also think that while it was never said outright in the book, Jane realizes that everything that occurs during ones lifetime occurs for a reason. Every horrible event led to another event, and it eventually led her to happiness.
             Another change noticed in Jane?s character is her increase in strength. We see this strength as early as the first chapter in which Jane is verbally and physically abused by her aunt and cousins. But during the coarse of the events, Jane will never admit to doing something she hasn?t done and lets the truth shine through. Also, when Jane is sent to Lowood, she befriends Helen Burns. When Helen falls ill with typhus- her last words to Jane are ?I believe, I have faith, I am going to God.? Jane is able to draw strength from Helen?s faith, which ultimately makes her stronger. Lastly, when Jane realizes she will only be happy if she is united with Rochester, she has the strength to leave St.