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Movie reaction: Cleopatra

             After watching the movie Cleopatra for the first time, I was fascinated by how moving the movie was. I thought Elizabeth Taylor did a wonderful Cleopatra; she was poised like a queen and acted like royalty. The main theme of this historical, romantic epic was a heroic quest. The scenery and props were all exquisite, very lavish, and all the costumes. I especially liked the scene were Cleopatra and her son parade into Rome to meet Julius Caesar. The giant sphinx was awesome and the elaborate dancing and all the beautiful colors. Cleopatra?s costume was a beautiful gold outfit, which intended to catch your attention, and it did. The chemistry between Elizabeth Taylor (Cleopatra) and Rex Harrison (Julius Caesar) was astounding. I could see the sparks fly whenever they were together. The way that roman life was portrayed made it seem as though there was really no justice and laws. I felt the passion Cleopatra had for Caesar and the way she manipulated people to do her bidding. And She wasn?t afraid to us whatever she could to get whatever she wanted, including her sexuality. This movie was way better than Alexander the Great in a way that there was more to grab your attention and keep you focused on the movie. The love that Cleopatra had for her son and her dream of Egypt becoming the greatest empire was so great, she couldn?t let it go, even after Caesar died. I felt that Marc Antony was weak, he let love rule and was basically like a puppy dog. Cleopatra just had to snap her fingers and he would jump. I think she truly did love him in a way, like she did for Caesar, but her love for Caesar was greater. I could tell that Marc Antony was tired of being Julius Caesar?s right hand man; he wanted to be the one in charge. Cleopatra seemed to play on his jealousy of what Caesar had to make him do as she pleased. Cleopatra?s reasons were simple; she wanted to protect her empire and her future as queen in Egypt.