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prison vs rehab

            Attention Getter as more and more people r filtered through our prisons bc of drug charges more prisoners convicted of violent crimes r being let out to make more room. .
             As u all know there is a large drug problem within our society. More and more people r using drugs then ever b4 including teenagers. Our prisons can't nearly accommodate this amount of people. In fact the prison population is expected to rise over 300 per cent by the year 2025.
             As this drug epidemic worsens we as a society need to cum up w/a better solution to than incarceration 4 this problem. That's y I'm hear u r honors. To explain y it is far more beneficial to place these people in rehab centers and rehabilitate them instead of sticking them in prisons.
             We already know prison doesnt help. More and more criminals cum out of prison just smarter and stronger then when they came in. Prison doesnt help the prisoner at all it just keeps them away from society. Now is the time to try and help these people. If we spend more money on state sponsored rehab centers we can curb this tide of prisoners by helping these people overcome this disease.
             As u all have noticed I called addiction a disease. More and more doctor's r starting to realize that drug addiction actually is a disease. As u use a drug our brain release hormones that cause pleasure. The problem is once uve done large quantities of drugs other activities that u enjoy doing (and also release hormones) dont release them anymore. Causing u only to be happy when u r doing a drug. Drug and alcohol abuse usually occurs bc the participant is trying to cope w/stress. People, who repeatedly abuse drugs or drink as a way of escaping or dealing with life's pressures, do so because they can't cope. But why do we, in the land of the free, make the inability to productively cope with life a crime? .
             Addiction is a way of coping with life, albeit a largely destructive way of artificially attaining feelings and rewards people feel they cannot achieve in any other way.