Odyssey- Divine intervention

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Homer's The Odyssey is a thrilling classic epic about Odysseus and his 10 year return journey from the Trojan War that is aided by many gods and goddesses. Because of a grand mistake that Odysseus made at the beginning of the story that angered the god Poseidon, Odysseus is a hero in search of his home throughout the story. He is faced with adventures and tribulations that become his passageway and right to get home to his loving wife and son. Without the help of goddesses and gods such as Zeus, Hermes, Athena, Ino, and Circe Odysseus would never have reached home at all. These gods' and goddesses' divine intervention becomes a key element of the epic because without these characters' help Odysseus would have been lost forever or even dead. The whole story is intertwined with elements such as the heavenly help Odysseus receives from the gods and goddesses of Olympus. Divine intervention is a prominent theme in The Odyssey because of the help provided to Odysseus through Athena's, Zeus's, and Circe's actions.

To begin with divine intervention is a main theme of The Odyssey because of the help Athena provides throughout the story. Athena is the obvious main helper of Odysseus c

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