Oedipus at Colonus analysis

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Sophocles was born around 496 in Athens. His father was a wealthy business man and an active politician. Despite his father's prestige and power in the state, Sophocles was drawn to the arts. Even very young, Sophocles won many 1st prizes in wrestling and music competitions. He was further drawn to the arts by Aeschylus, the first of the three great tragedians. Sophocles studied under Aeschylus and later was considered the second of these three (the third being Euripides). In his adulthood, Sophocles most likely employed carpenters. He wrote over 120 plays, although only a small percentage remain in tact. Over 18 of his plays won 1st prize at Great or City Dionsia of Athens. In addition to these employments, Sophocles fufilled his duty to his city-state, meeting requirements and being elected as general for two terms. He was elected treasure of the Delian League and general of the Athenian army under Pericles. Sophocles is also founded a cult for the god Asclepius, which is linked to the opening of the first public hospital.

Sophocles' life spanned the Golden Age of Athens. The city-state was at it's cultural and political high. All male citizens were requi

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