The Red Headed League

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Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are two magnificent and cunning fictional detectives, based out of London, England. They solved many cases with many more to come. None of the cases stumped Sherlock Holmes for a second, as usual he knew what was going on the second he got the case. Given time he was able to solve the case of The Red Headed League. This was no out of the ordinary case for the Detective Duo by any stretch of the imagination.

Jabez Wilson a man who owned a pawnshop assigned the Case of the Red Headed League to Holmes and Watson one fine day. And of course the two were ready for anything anyone could throw at them. Jabez started out telling them that his employee Vincent Spaulding had given him the classifieds concerning a well known job that would pay 4 pounds to any red headed man that was fit for it. In the long run Jabez Wilson got the job and after eight weeks of going to this job he found out that it had closed without anyone notifying him. He told the men that he grew suspicious and went to the man that owned the building that the Red Headed League had

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