Z for Zachariah

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" Z for Zachariah  is the title of the science fiction novel that I have been studying. It was written by Robert O' Brien which was first published in 1973 and was written during the "Cold War , wrote it. The plot of the novel is basically about isolation and the struggle to survive not directly a nuclear war but the after effects.

The main character in the novel is Ann Burden, from Burden Valley, in the United States of America. A nuclear war has left Ann all alone, as her complete family have been killed by the disaster: "When I look beyond I see that all the trees are dead, and there is never a sign of anything moving. I don't go out there.  The valley however has been untouched by the devastation. Ann is entrapped, as everything beyond the circumference of Burden is unproductive of life. She leads a simple life-style. Cleverly using nature to survive. She shuts herself off from the past, and looks forward to the future: "I am hopeful to be an English teacher.  I believe that Ann is a very optimistic person who never gives up on hope.

Her farm upbringing has equipped her with a great deal of common sense, practicality and res

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