The Ice Age

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Twenty thousand years ago during the time of the last ice age period, many

colossal mammals roamed North America. They survived during the times when much of

the earth was covered by immense large bodies of ice that buried forests, fields, and

mountains, but rapidly became extinct after the ice began to retreat and melt. Since then

the human race has introduced many different theories to explain the extinction of these

large mammals. One theory stands above all and explains the truth of this mysterious

disappearance. The Paleo Indians that entered North America from Asia, the climate

change, soil, vegetation and water levels were all major factors in this extinction. The

results of these factors left the biggest impact on the food chain of these animals. The

domino-effect of all these factors is responsible for the extinction of the ice age mammals.

Animals, like all other living organisms have a tendency to adapt to the

environment in which they live. A cold climate favors large animals, since large animals

have more body fat and lose heat at a slower rate then do smaller animals. That is why

many of the mammals that lived during the ice age were enormous. These large animals

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