Division of Labour

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According to Adam Smith, the division of labor improves the productive powers of labor in three general ways. According to his proposition, by decomposing any non-trivial manufacturing process into its elemental tasks and assigning these tasks to many different workmen, manufacturers could increase quality, productivity, and overall profit.

The first advantage that Adam Smith explains is the specialization of the workman. By reducing a worker's job to one specific task, the worker can achieve a higher level of skill, precision, agility, and excellence, thus producing a superior fashioned product. This specialized worker can produce a single piece of the final product more rapidly and more efficiently than before. For example, if a single man decided to build his family a house he would shape every facet of the finished home, from the concrete foundation, to the plumbing, to the finished cabinetry. If instead this family's home were built by a large number of speciali

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