Plato and confucius

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Platos ideal regime achieves justice by controlling individuals and their desires by setting down a compact to not tolerate injustice or suffering. By setting down laws and compacts and to name what the law commands lawful and just.(Bloom,359a)

Plato believed that even individuals who practice justice are forced to do it from the inability to do injustice due to fears of punishment. Plato felt that a democracy or rule of the people gave each man, both just and unjust, license to do whatever they wanted. While he felt that the law of a strong form of government would force men to honor the laws equally. Plato believed that justice was the advantage of the stronger, which to him was the control of the ruling body of the city by being master over the people and punishing any who broke the laws set down by the regime.(Bloom,338e-339a) Plato to believed that education and rearing of the ruler of the city or regime would create a perfect and just man. And he felt that the ruler must be older, while the ruled younger. Age is something that gives his perfect regime more control than one based on wisdom. He

thought that the philosopher should be seen as the father, over the younger p

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