Character is Destiny

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In Shakespeare's tragedy, Hamlet, the character of Hamlet has come to symbolize the person, whose thoughtful nature is an obstacle to quick and decisive action. "Character is destiny," means that plot should grow out of the characters themselves.

The only way, if there is any way, in which a conception of Hamlet's character could be proved true, would be to show that it, and it only, explains all the relevant facts presented by the text of the drama. The fact that Hamlet spares the King when he finds him praying, is, from its effect on the hero's fortunes, of great moment; but the cause of the fact, which lies within Hamlet's character, is not so. Hamlet is described as introspective and thoughtful, as well as self-doubting and not certain of his own rightness. He is intelligent. It is not only in his famous soliloquies that Hamlet speaks about who and what he is, but his progressive self-doubt and isolation mean that until he has decided upon action at the end of Act IV, his soliloquies are the most important vehicle for the expression of his true, rich personality.

Shakespeare saw at once how consistent it was with the character of Hamlet, that after still resolving, and still deferring, still determinin

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