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"Civil Disobediance" VS. "I ha

             A Comparison Analysis of Henry David Thoreau's "Civil Disobedience 
             Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream 
             Henry David Thoreau gave a lecture titled "Civil Disobedience  in 1848. "Civil
             Disobedience  was later published in 1849. This lecture has influenced many of
             Thoreaus followers. One, of such people, was Martin Luther King Jr. Like Thoreau,
             King recited a speech titled "I Have a Dream  in 1963. Both works contain similar
             First, Thoreau is disappointed with the American government. One of Thoreau's
             reason for his disappointment is the fact that his government is also the slaves
             government. Thoreaus ideal government is one that does not support slavery. Another
             of Thoreaus disappointments, is that a great number of men serve their state not mainly
             as men, but as machines, with their bodies. Such men are not respected and are worth
             the same as horses and dogs. Thoreau felt that the government was unfair to the
             To continue, the second theme in Thoreau's "Civil Disobedience  is injustice. An
             example of injustice is how thousand of merchants and farmers are more interested in
             commerce and agriculture than conserving human rights. Merchants and farmers were
             not prepared to give justice to slaves. Thoreau also thought that it is unjust to overrun
             and conquer a foreign country knowing that it is helpless.
             Another main point to Thoreaus lecture was the use of a non-violent protest.
             Thoreau believed that a person has a right to protest unjust laws by disobeying them.
             A good example is when Thoreau went to jail for refusing to pay taxes. He did not pay
             taxes because he believed that the money would support slavery. Thoreau was an
             To recap, Thoreau's major themes in "Civil Disobedience  are, his

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