A Hero of The Past and Present

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Beowulf, an ideal hero in the Anglo-Saxon period, possesses the qualities of those in the twentieth century. Martin Luther King Jr. is an example of a twentieth century hero who is acknowledged by many people worldwide. Beowulf strongly characterized the same qualities that Martin Luther King Jr. himself possesses. These heroes however have different aspects and ambitions. The soldiers in the military are also considered heroes of the modern day as well as the past. Although Beowulf has minor differences with modern day heroes, he still holds several of the same qualities that they have. He maintains great loyalty and honor like those of the twentieth century.

Beowulf and Martin Luther King Jr. have different ambitions towards the welfare of the people in their community. Beowulf who has great prominence battles for the safety, harmony, and prosperity of everybody. Martin Luther King Jr. on the other hand fights for the rights of equality for everybody regardless of race, color, or gender. Beowulf saves people from lurking monsters and other harmless dangers, while Martin Luther King Jr. saves many from the discrimination because of their identity. He a

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