Cinema Paradiso

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The criticism of Cinema Paradiso has produced both praise and censure for its depth, originality and production. While critics' views varied, a common thread remained central. There was a sheer adoration for the film as a nostalgic tribute to the medium it represents. This paper will explore the critical analysis of Giuseppe Tornatore's work and how it is linked to the information gathered from Italian Cinema 103 Summer Term in Italy held by Drew University. This linkage is proved and supported by concentrating on the following areas: the failure of the original release, the autobiographical undertones, and the use of the flashback and visual imagery to create a nostalgic atmosphere. Furthermore, the role of the movie theater as a mode of escape and church substitute will be explored. Finally, the cinematic shortcomings and the necessary suspension of disbelief will be discussed. All of these elements will clarify the meaning of film. Most importantly, they will secure its place in film history by evaluating the cultural significance of the medium itself.

Cinema Paradiso was originally released in Italy in 1988, with poor reviews. The negative reviews, along with a weak publicity campaign, afforded the film only

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