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Muscular Strength

             The definition of muscular strength is the force that is exerted by a muscle or a muscle group in a single contraction. This definition may sound a little confusing but if you think about it, it makes sense. If you squeeze a tennis ball as hard as you can, that is muscular strength. The muscles in your hand are placing force on the tennis ball in a single squeeze, also called a contraction. In this essay, I will be talking about how to improve your muscular strength, the benefits of improving muscular strength and women and muscular strength.
             There are three different ways that a person can develop and improve their strength. The first is isometric exercise. This type of activity involves contracting the muscles without moving the body part. An example would be standing a pushing up against a wall. The second way to improve strength and the most popular way is isotonic exercise. Isotonic activities involve weights and include push-ups and sit-ups. When using weights a person must keep in mind the overload principle. This means that in order to be stronger a person must put stress on their muscles by doing more than "normal". Overloading a muscle means a person increases the amount of weight or increases the number of times the weight is used (repetitions). The third type of activity used to improve strength is known as isokinetic training. This involves both isometric and isotonic exercises using special, expensive equipment. It is probably the least popular of the three.
             The benefits of developing your muscular strength is that you: reshape your body, increase your metabolism, strengthen your bones and improve your posture. You reshape your body losing fat and gaining muscle in the areas you develop. You increase your metabolism, which makes it easier for you to eat caloric and fatty foods, and not gain as much weight from eating them. You strengthen your bones, which makes it harder to get arthritis when you age.