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The Big Chill: Symbolism

The title of the movie The Big Chill is symbolic of the meeting of

the group of adults who have not seen each other in years. It alludes to

the circumstances which brought them together as well as their reaction to

The movie The Big Chill is about a group of adults who were once

very close in the past but have drifted apart throughout the years. They

are brought together under an unfortunate set of circumstances: One of the

group, Alex, had committed suicide. This is the first instance in which

the title, The Big Chill, is alluded to. It is symbolic of Alex's death,

and the cold experience that was needed to bring the group together once

The group had a "reunion" after his funeral, only to find out that

nobody really knew each other since their college days. This is symbolic

that their friendships had been frozen, or dead, perhaps, since the group

Another possibility is that the title symbolizes each individual's

stolid realization that a certain part of their lives was dead, or frozen.

This could refer to Alex, who had killed himself. Or it could refer to

their friendship, which pro bably dwindled down from an occasional phone

call to a seasonal letter or card, and eventually to virtual non-

The title could even have yet another "hidden" meaning. It could

refer to the group's total loss of communication with Alex. This could

have led to the point where nobody was able to see anything wrong with him,

because they just were not a round to. Chloe, Alex's girl friend, probably

did not notice because she did not know him as well as the rest of the

group. But the rest of the group unintentionally gave Alex "the cold

shoulder" when he was in the greatest need of help.

Another instance of The Big Chill was when Meg asked Sam to have

her baby. Sam coldly refused. Meg felt a bit rejected, even t

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