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Rousseau's biography is important in the romanticism, it reflect the philosophical ideas of romanticism. In his confessions, He was open and frank about the way he feels and perceives his feelings. Rousseau was free to expresses his natural feelings and emotion as a human being. He saw the world in a different way. He expects society to view the world the same way. He wanted the enlightenment thinker to see the freedom of one self-freedom of love, expressing self-feelings and emotions as a natural. He believed that once you express feelings you would be happy and free. He wanted the enlightenment thinker to let people be themselves and do their own things. He wants people to follow their own desire and expect the church to respect people's desire. Rousseau's confessions serve as a bridge between the Enlightenment and emerging of Romanticism.

Confession reveals the most intimate details of his life,

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