Cultural Sensitivity In Nursing

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"Maori or Pakeha (White man/ European), it shouldn't make any difference. Nurses care for patients regardless of culture. 

Discuss this statement in reference to Leininger's Tanscultural Theory of Nursing and the Cultural Safety Model.

When it comes to optimizing nursing care the above statement does not reflect Leininger's Theory of Transcultural Care which emphasises that appropriate regard is given to the cultural differences existing between Maori and Pakeha. Neither does it reflect Ramsden's ideas of cultural safety. To begin, let us consider Leininger's Transcultural model.

Leininger is an American nursing theorist whose approach is from a dominant culture and is based upon an anthropological viewpoint. In American society, the cultural diversity is enormous. Her work is an attempt to increase nursing effectiveness within this multicultural environment, whilst at the same time recognising that the provision and source of medical care originates from the more dominant Western culture. Nurses are encouraged to become educated about a wide variety of cultural beliefs and sensitivities; and speci

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