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Does Music Promote Violence

            Rap Music Is Not A Violent Form of Entertainment.
             Many people think that rap music is making kids more violent. They think that rap music is just a glorification of violence. All rap music is doing is to show how horrible and inhuman life is in the ghettos across the country. This is what's really happening out there. It's not fake. .
             “Gangster Rappers… have been harassed time and time again by critics for their explicit lyrics and glorified ways of rapping about their lives as gangsters” (Quiroz 1). Rappers have a freedom to speak what they want. Although many rappers have blunt language and use rude statements, they use the language most commonly used by their peers in the metropolitan cities, but “…often being misunderstood, gangster rappers have been blamed for glorifying the gangster way of life”(Quiroz 1).
             “A lot of past violence has been spurred by the huge entourages the groups usually travel with” (Margasak 2). Some believe that “…moralists have criticized gangsta rap for promoting violence, but artistically speaking it has a bigger problem…” (Margasak 1). The question still remains, “Is rap a violent form of entertainment, or isn’t it?’.
             In a past report, “During the course of the evening two UW students [University of Waterloo] were hit in the head with beer bottles and required stitches…Fed Hall manager Johnny Megalos was struck in the head by another patron…and a police officer had his foot run over by a vehicle attempting to push through a crowd of three-hundred people…the rap events have produced disturbances, unruliness, and assault all of which were alcohol-related…Experience has proven that there is a greater risk of incident at these events as opposed to other events on campus” (O’Brien 1). The co-president of Climaxx Entertainment, Sacha Isaacksz, gave this statement, “At any event where there’s alcohol, there’s more of a chance of bar fights.