Love in the Cornhusks

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I read Love in the Cornhusks by Aida Rivera-Ford for my Literature critical paper. I liked the story for the author presented it simply and did not become poetic or lyrical so I didn't need to think much or read between the lines to understand the story. I also liked it because the barrio setting provided me with a quiet sense of familiarity and I did not need to acquaint myself with the surroundings anymore since barrios and barangays are ever present here in our country. Another reason why I liked the story was because of the Filipino characters. Being a Filipino, I know the culture more or less so I did not have to adjust that much to the characters because I am already familiar in a way with them. In short, I liked the story for I could easily picture the events and characters in my head and I was comfortable with reading the story for it was told without using too much flowery words and the narration of events were clear, solid, and simple. It was also easy to read and understand for I was "at home  with the story and I felt that I could easily relate to the characters and I felt as though I could understand them better than most of the characters in other stories.

The story was about this girl, Tinan

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