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The novel Daddy is a historical fiction/thriller takes place during World War II. Because this book is more of a thriller than a historical novel, the author's purpose in writing this book is to entertain the reader rather than educate them, although he ended up doing so in the process.

Hans Thomas von Gall is an elderly German banker, who has fooled the Nazi's.

He has hidden the sum of 724 million marcs (approx. 431 million dollars) of German investor's money, some Jewish, out of the country before the start of World War II.

After being captured and tortured by the Nazi's for ten hours, he committed suicide by jumping out of a window, but not before writing down 724 false names and access codes.

Heydrich, leader of the operation, has reason to believe that Thomas Von Gall is not the only one who knew the secret codes. He believes that Thomas Von Gall's beautiful mysterious granddaughter also holds the secret.

Heydrich enlists the help of two different types of man hunters to help him find her. His friend, Professor Gregor Laemmle, who is a cunning yet odd homosexual, and a vicious, boneheaded nazi, named Jurgen Hess who is willing to kill anything that moves. Maria Webber was able to elud

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