Jamaican Culture

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Analyze class and power distinctions in Jamaican culture?

Jamaica is the third largest Caribbean Island, measuring 146 miles at its widest point. The population of Jamaica is approximately 2.8 million, with an average annual rate of growth of 1.1%. The people of Jamaica have a historical process in which peoples of many different continents were brought together within a well-defined social hierarchy. The vast majority is of African descent, but there are numerous small communities, Indian, Chinese, Arab, and European. Popular culture is heavily influenced by the African heritage, while recognized behavior is clearly British in style. The popular speech of Jamaicans is a distinct language from English; it was derived largely from English, which has been the official language for over 300 years. Early on in the film The Harder they come, it is easy to recognize Jamaicans distinct language.

Jamaica and the Rastafarians suffer their fair share of

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