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There have been historical studies that have played an obvious role in management accounting in recent years. They have played a role in economics and sociology, which provide a basis for management accounting research. As accountants use economic and sociological theories to explain management accounting practice, they may often be using theories suggested and supported by historical data.

Accounting researchers are frequently unfamiliar with historical research methods. If historical studies significantly influence management accounting research, then this unfamiliarity means that arguments and approaches may be adopted from historical studies. They may do this without asking the questions that historians would ask of the material.

The book, "Relevance Lost: The Rise and Fall of Management Accounting" introduces the idea that currently accepted management and cost accounting methods as used today in Corporate America are "...inadequate for today's environment. In this time of rapid technological change, vigorous global and domestic competition, and enormously expanding information processing capabilities, management accounting systems are not providing useful, timely information for the process control, product costin

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