The Effects of Perparation and Self-Esteem on Public Speaking Anxiety

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The purpose of the present study was to examine the difference, if any, that preparation time before a speech and a person's self-esteem would have on the level of anxiety experienced while speaking in public. College students were randomly assigned to groups involving either a five minute preparation period with a list of five topics to discuss or waiting without preparation until they actually begin their speech. The variables that we studied in this experiment can be assigned to four groups: 1)People with low self-esteem and no preparation time, 2)People with high self-esteem and no preparation time, 3)People with low self-esteem with preparation time, and 4) People with high self-esteem and preparation time. It was hypothesized that preparation would decrease the amount of anxiety experienced during public speaking. It was also hypothesized that the higher a person's self-esteem is, the lower his or her level of anxiety during public speaking will be, and vice-versa. It was hypothesized that people with low self-esteem and no preparation time would experience the most anxiety, while people with high self-esteem who were allowed p

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