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I. How are the architectural structures of the Stupas and the paintings of Mandalas related to each

Mandalas create circular symbolic designs, similar to that of Buddha's crown, which is the top spire, forming a circle on the Stupa. The hemispherical mound forms a drum shaped base. In addition to this, the head of Buddha forms a square as well as the base of the Stupa. Within the circle of the Mandala, a square is formed that has four T-shaped gate-like entrances leading to the center of the Mandala. This is similar to the four legs of Buddha that form steps of the lower terrace which represent four separate T-shape gate entrances. Each is a circle inscribed in a square. Both the Stupa and Mandala have a Buddha at the center of these creations. Both centers represent the essence, the heart of Buddha.

III. Discuss the Paleolithic period to the Neolithic period. What do the existing art works c

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