Rita Dove

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Rita Frances Dove was born August 28, 1952 in Akron, Ohio (Biographical Information-Rita Dove 1). Little did she know that as she grew up, she would become a nationally recognized poet. As a child Dove was always interested in literature, "...the young Dove had a particular fondness and passion for books, and said that her parents encouraged her to read anything that she pleased. (Biography-Criticism). As she matured, this "fondness  grew, she eventually became an English professor and famed poet that greatly influenced writing in the U.S. In this paper I intend to prove that Rita Dove is one of the most influential poets in the U.S. because of her many awards and achievements, her historical and social themes, and her poetry that speaks for he socially mute.

Anyone can write a poem, but when do you become a poet? In Rita Dove's case it was at her first moment of recognition. when she received the Pulitzer Prize. She says, "The first moment that really stood out in terms of ...recognition was when I got the Pulitzer. I was 34; I had no idea I was being considered. (An Online Interview with Rita Dove (AOIWRD) 3). Receiving the Pulitzer is always an honor, but for Dove it was even more spectac

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