The Effects Of Martial Divorce On Adolescents

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The Effect of

Divorce is an unspoken word in the Caribbean culture. Divorce is a no no, unless under extreme circumstances such as battery. Infidelity is not even a cause strong enough for divorce. A contradiction is present though, marital separations are allowed. Usually after many years of the wife looking the other way. I remember reaching this revelation during my sophomore year in college. At lunch one day an engrossing discussion of marriage and responsibility arose. Eventually the conversation turned to divorce and its affect on the spouses, and most importantly the kids. What goes through their minds upon hearing the words "Where getting a divorce  and the outcome that follows? This assignment gives me the opportunity to find out the answers to my questions. Naivety prevented me form understanding the life altering changes a youth faces when it comes to divorce. From an outsiders point of view I always saw it as; parents having to do what they had to do to be happy therefore the child should just get over it.

My parents have been together for 30 years. They have been married for 17 years. Within this time they produ

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