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The Rise Of The Gangster Disciples

            The Chicago-based street gang the Gangster Disciples are one of the largest and most well-organized street gangs in the world. They number in the tens of thousands all across the streets of Chicago. Their ruthlessness and military-like discipline also make them one of the most successful crime organizations since the days of Al Capone. In the early 90's, the G.D.’s were pulling in millions of dollars a week by selling drugs in their controlled areas. Their success was due to connections many of the leaders of the gang had to the Columbian Cartel. Their network quickly spread throughout the city of Chicago. Modeled after Chicago’s Italian Mafia, the Gangster Disciples became one of the most powerful organizations in the area. .
             According to U.S. Attorney James Burns, one of the reasons the gang has had so much success is that “the 30,00 strong gang is incredibly well-disciplined and trained.” In a briefing to President Clinton he said the G.D. have a “very sophisticated battle plan and a very sophisticated organization.” The gang is run almost exactly like a loosely-knit military. The leaders at the top have almost all control over what goes on over the streets of Chicago. .
             The organization and battle plan were created by the “chairman,” Larry “King” Hoover. He was the one that always emphasized discipline, respect, and hierarchy. After the “chairman” there are the two “board of directors,” one controls street operations and the other controls 5,000 to 10,000 imprisoned gang members. Under the board of directors there are about 15 “governors” who oversee up to 1,500 members each in specific territories. These territories are subdivided between “regents” and “coordinators” who distribute drugs, oversee operations, manage security forces and collect profits and dues called “street taxes.