To Kill A Mockingbird- Blue Jays Vs Mockingbirds

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If mockingbirds are innocent birds that are often persecuted because they are mistaken for blue jays, than the mockingbird can be used to represent characters in the novel. Mockingbirds could represent Tom Robinson, Atticus Finch, and Boo Radley. These characters are innocent and harmless in their own way, but each is also looked down on and persecuted because of whom they are, the same way mockingbirds are hunted in the wild. While the blue jay can be used to represent the persecutors in the novel, such as Bob Ewell, Miss Stephanie, and the angry mob.

Tom Robinson is a mockingbird because he is wrongly accused of rape, while he is an innocent man; he was persecuted because of the colour of his skin. The people of Maycomb stereotype blacks as being bad people, or Blue Jays. While Tom Robinson is an innocent man, or considered a Mockingbird. He is persecuted unjus

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