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            In the novel Ragtime there are many relationships. There are relationships between parents, and children, husband and wife, friendship, and lovers. Many of these relationships in Ragtime are sexual relationships. In Ragtime there is both intense, and subtle sexual relationships. A clear reason for these relationships is the interesting effects of them that make the novel, and characters so interesting, as well as a further more significant meaning for them. There are two main relationships within Ragtime that sexual activity takes place. These relationships are between Father and Mother, and Younger Brother and Evelyn Nesbit.
             The sexual activity between Father and Mother is used to describe their relationship, and the sexual activity by Younger Brother is used as a substitute for his violence, and force. The sexual activity that is greatest related to the theme happens in the relationship between Father and Mother. While these scenes between Mother, and Father certainly suggest sexual relations, they are certainly not as intensified as the passionate scenes between other characters such as Younger Brother and, Evelyn. After Mother, and Father's relationship has been examined, one can see that the relationship between them is one that appears to be held together totally by sexual desire. .
             The first mentioning of this is at the beginning of the novel. The author writes, "On Sunday afternoon, after dinner, Father and Mother went upstairs and closed the bedroom door"(p 4). Mother, and Father's marriage is a happy one as long as they carry on to have a good, healthy physical relationship. Although in the beginning of Ragtime Mother and Father's relationship was good, and healthy, by the end of Ragtime Mother had lost all feelings of love for Father, and Father I feel knew so. Mother's despite for Father is shown when he tells her that he will be taking their son to the baseball game on the following day.

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