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             The American Revolution was a struggle for independence, which took place during the.
             years of 1775 to 1783. During this time, there was much controversy over loyalty on both sides.
             of the war. In the Revolution, there were Loyalists and Patriots, and the Loyalists were treated.
             with much abuse. A Loyalist could be defined as a person who was loyal to the British.
             government only, meaning that he was only loyal to the King. Abuse means to hurt either with.
             words or with acts of violence. Loyalists were loyal to Britain either because they were scared of.
             their country or they did not want things to change (like their way of life or other assorted.
             things), and they deserved to be held in low regard and treated with abuse by the Patriots during.
             the Revolution. Loyalist Thomas Hutchinson said "It is better to submit to some abridgment of.
             our rights, then to break off our connection with our protector, England.".
             Approximately one fifth to one fourth of the American population was considered to be.
             Loyalists. The Loyalists betrayed their own neighbors. They were trying to break down the.
             American government from the inside, and they were succeeding because of their outnumbering.
             the Patriots" military. If this had gone on, we would not be living the same lifestyle that we are.
             living right now. During the time of the Revolution, they would send messages to the King,.
             alerting him of what actions would be taken by the Patriots. So, in other words, the Loyalists.
             were spying on the Patriots and were trying to sabotage them. The reason they were doing these.
             things is that they wanted the Americans to fail in trying to break away from England.
             Many Patriots believed that "hanging the traitors" would have a good effect and would.
             "give stability to the new government." Others believed that Loyalists should be jailed for being.
             Loyalists. In New York, over 1,000 people were tried and sentenced, and about 600 of them were.

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